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Since 1997 our loyal contractors have been keeping foundations dry and flood-free using basement waterproofing Grand Rapids. Our techniques are foolproof because we combine time-tested methods with modern marvels. As a fully licensed and insured business, we take each job seriously. That means your waterproofing and foundation services are always performed with 100% accuracy.

We use industry-leading tools and equipment to install and replace foundation materials that complement the basement area. Seeing moisture or experiencing flooding is never a good sign. The great news? We have ways to fix the problem. Our team begins with a thorough inspection to pinpoint the core cause of the leaking. From there, we make the appropriate repairs to your concrete slab foundation and then implement waterproofing measures.

Perhaps you don't have any issues with flooding but are interested in preventative waterproofing. We recommend putting preventive measures in place to avoid any problems with excessive moisture in your basement. Our contractors want to inspect your basement and foundation for free and give you rock-solid recommendations on keeping your property safe and dry.

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What Are the Ways a Basement Foundation Can be Waterproofed?

We're glad you asked. We can tackle your leaky basement and set it on the road to being dry and staying that way in several ways. Wet basement repair in Grand Rapids, MI, is an essential service that prevents costly damages from occurring. Here are a few materials  and methods we use to make your basement watertight:

  • Polyurethane Liquid Membrane - Not only does polyurethane ward off water, but it also creates a barrier against oil, chemicals, and detergents. It's an excellent resource for plugging concrete cracks, holes, and gaps. Polyurethane lasts for about 25 years. It's a first-line material for patching up leaky cracks.
  • Cementitious Coating - A powdery substance consisting of sand, organic and inorganic chemicals, and silica-based substances. When mixed with lime, it creates a waterproof seal over cracks, crevices, and can be applied as a waterproof paint to interior and exterior basement foundation perimeters. Acrylic can be added to create a more solid material with enhanced moisture-wicking benefits.
  • EPDM Waterproofing Membrane - A single-layer waterproofing material that keeps basements dry. It's a more affordable option than some of the others. Synthetic rubber is also used in roofing. It's a great product for waterproofing your entire home.
  • Waterproof Sealant - A two-part system consisting of fiber-reinforced mixes: rubberized bituminous emulsion with additives and a powder component. It's easy to install and can be applied to corners, joists, and wall-to-wall couplings.
  • Interior & Exterior Drainage Systems - Using PVC pipes and other materials, contractors can set up systems that move underground water away from the home's foundation. Sometimes this water is rerouted through an interior or exterior drainage system such as a French drain or sump pump.
  • Foundation Crack Injections - Using any type of waterproof polymer to treat cracks that have sprung leaks typically remedy the probably. We like to use epoxy or polyurethane injectables when the offending crack is minor and isolated.

There are plenty of avenues we can take in terms of basement waterproofing. Finding the right one for your basement involves an inspection by a licensed contractor. Are you ready to schedule yours?

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Waterlogged Basements Should Not Go Unchecked!

Have you noticed that the moisture in your basement has been getting progressively worse? Chances are it will continue to do so until you call a professional foundation repair contractor for waterproofing services. Wet basement repair is one of our most requested services in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The spring brings massive snow melting and rain that often overloads the ground with water, trickling around foundations and into basements and crawl spaces. If proper waterproofing methods are not implemented, homeowners can experience basement flooding, leading to property damage. Do you know that waterproofing prevents structural demise? Plus, when your basement is consistently flooded, you can't turn the space into an extra bedroom,  home gym, etc.

Homeowners who often have flooded basements see significant utility bills rise, have increased respiratory problems, and notice strange odors wafting through their houses. By installing waterproofing materials, you can avoid all of those disturbances. Would you like to learn more about foundation repair and waterproofing techniques? Please head on over to our blog for a wealth of information.

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Affordable Basement Waterproofing in Grand Rapids is Just a Phone Call Away

Grand Rapids Foundation Repair Pros is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We utilize top-of-the-line tools and materials to ensure the job is done perfectly. When you hire us for basement waterproofing, you can have peace of mind knowing that we're taking your home's foundation to the next level.

Moisture and flooding lead to structural issues, infestations, and mold growth. Those things can cause health problems, accidents, and increased homeowners insurance. Do you know that a wet basement tanks the value of your house? That's not a good thing when you'd like to list the property for sale.

Also, your home may not pass an inspection. When homeowners contact us for waterproofing services, they'll get a zero-cost evaluation, repair recommendations, and a fair estimate. We make obtaining foundation services for residential and commercial customers a breeze!



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We're an all-in-one foundation repair company that offers services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Look to our licensed contractors for your basement and crawl space repair and waterproofing needs. In addition, we gladly service concrete slab and pier & beam foundations. Other services include house leveling, slab jacking, slab replacement, crack & leak repair, and FREE inspections followed by an estimate. You can contact us now by filling out our handy online form.

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Your structure is only as stable as the foundation it's resting on. Grand Rapids Foundation Repair Pros have the tools, methods, and foundation repair contractors you can trust to get it done right. Call us at (616) 952-2799
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