7 Warning Signs You Need Foundation Crack Repair in Michigan

February 10, 2023

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If it’s time for foundation crack repair in Michigan, it’s vital that you make that call quickly! The longer you ignore foundation cracks, spalling, heaving, and other damage, the worse it gets. Additionally, cracks let in moisture that often risks rotted wood and mold.

However, some homeowners put off needed foundation patching simply because they don’t recognize signs of damage. Also, you might not associate various issues around your home with its foundation! To ensure you schedule timely fixes, check out 7 warning signs that your property needs foundation repair.

1. Wall cracks? It’s probably time for foundation crack repair in Michigan!

As a foundation cracks, it weakens. In turn, it can’t typically hold up the weight of a home. The home then tends to shift and settle, pulling on solid surfaces, including walls.

Unfortunately, some homeowners don't realize that wall cracks often indicate foundation damage! Rather than just patching those areas, schedule a foundation inspection if you notice interior or exterior wall cracks.

foundation cracks on a home exterior in Michigan

2. Foundation damage can risk problems along ceilings

As with wall cracks, homes with damaged foundations might also suffer problems along ceilings. These include cracks and sagging sections. In extreme cases, ceiling sections might even collapse! Don’t assume that cracks and sloped ceilings are normal but call for foundation crack repair if you notice these problems in your home.

3. Basements and back rooms aren’t supposed to be damp and musty!

Some homeowners overlook humid basements or dampness along concrete floors. Also, many homeowners assume that these spaces always smell musty and unpleasant. However, this isn’t true!

Foundation cracks typically let moisture into basements and rooms with concrete floors. As a result, you might notice dampness or musty, mildewed odors. Don’t simply overlook these or try to cover them up without a foundation inspection!

4. Soft and spongy floors often indicate foundation damage

As a damaged and weak foundation lets a house shift, the subflooring often suffers weakening. In turn, you might notice soft, spongy floors underfoot. In some cases, floorboards can crack and give way. As with other damage around the home, don’t ignore this issue or assume it’s minor. Instead, schedule a foundation inspection and prepare for needed repairs.

5. Mold can mean it’s time for foundation crack repair in Michigan

Moisture seeping into a home through foundation cracks often encourages mold growth. You might notice this mold along walls or even along the backs of upholstered furniture pieces. If your home suffers from mold and you’ve ruled out a plumbing leak or roof damage, schedule a foundation inspection.

6. Rotted, cracked framing often indicates a damaged foundation

A home’s wood framing often absorbs moisture seeping in through foundation cracks. In turn, wall studs and floor joists might eventually rot and crack. You might notice creaking, squeaking, groaning, and other sounds as these pieces shift during the process. They might also pull drywall out of position, creating gaps between panels and popped nails.

close up on rusting and rotting foundation

7. If your property has overly moist soil, check for needed foundation crack repair

Michigan’s constantly changing weather, snowy winters, and hot, muggy summers often mean overly moist soil. This soil can push against foundations, risking premature cracks. Consequently, homeowners should schedule a foundation inspection if a property holds excess moisture.

Can a cracked foundation be fixed?

The good news for homeowners is that contractors can typically fix a cracked foundation:

  • Slab jacking starts with excavations around the damaged areas. Next, a contractor injects specialty slurries into those pits. This slurry raises a home back to a level position, closing cracks in the process.
  • Underpinning attaches pins or piers to a foundation. Then, a contractor uses hydraulics to lift the structure as needed. This also closes foundation cracks.
  • A contractor might apply patching materials or membranes to cracked and damaged basement walls. These close those cracks and keep the material watertight.

Also, contractors might recommend waterproofing options, to protect foundation repairs. These might include French drain or sump pump installations. Grading the property for better drainage also keeps damaging moisture away. These simple steps can keep that foundation in good condition for decades!

Grand Rapids Foundation Repair Pros is happy to provide this information about foundation crack repair in Michigan. Hopefully you found it useful when it comes to keeping your home protected and stable! If you’re in the market for expert services, contact our Grand Rapids foundation repair contractors. We offer FREE foundation inspections and repair price quotes, all backed by a full warranty. We use only the highest-grade materials on the market for repair and new foundation installation. For more information, use our callback form or pick up the phone!


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